MD Strategic Plan Survey


when completing the Maryland Strategic Planning Survey

IT’S EASY! As you take the survey, there are FOUR KEY QUESTIONS where you can express your support for gifted children and their education.

Before you start your survey, we recommend that you review this GT in Maryland FACT SHEET. Here are the key questions where you can voice support for GT Education.

Survey Question #12

Maryland must ensure that students at, or above, grade level are given meaningful opportunities to accelerate their learning.

· Rate this as “most important.”

Survey Question #35 – Areas for Improvement

· Include in your top 3 choices: “Expanding gifted and talented programs”

· “Other” – include a specific aspect of gifted and talented education that you would like to see improved or expanded (If needed, see GT in Maryland FACT SHEET for ideas)

Survey Question #36

Is there anything else you want us to know?

· Use this opportunity to supply specific information about gifted children/gifted education that you want known/ emphasized. Refer to the FACT SHEET if needed.

Survey Question #38

What is the biggest factor that shaped your opinion of Maryland’s Schools?

· Whether you rate your opinion as positive or negative, you can relate this opinion to the state’s overall support of gifted education programming from your perspective.