Presidents Hall of Fame Awardees

These former MCGATE presidents were inducted into the Presidents Hall of Fame in October 2020:

Linda Barnett

Marcia Clark

Dr. Jan Hanson

Joan Roche

Rick Tyler, Jr.

Laura Carriere

Dr. Keri Guilbault

Yvonne Golczewski

Legacy Awardees

Congratulations to our Legacy Award recipients who were recognized at our anniversary celebration in October 2020:

Heather Crenshaw, Caroline County

Joan Cable, Harford County

Margene Versace, Harford County

Theresa Jackson, Prince George's County

Charlene Doyle, Prince George's County

Joan Rosenberg, Prince George's County

Dr. Andrew Moore, Anne Arundel County

Karen Syrylo, Baltimore County

Cassandra H. Marshall, Baltimore City

Edward T. Marshall, Baltimore City

Jolynn Chadwisk, Baltimore County

Julie Miller-Breetz, Baltimore County

Katherine Rigler, Montgomery County

Senator Barabara Mikulski

Dr. Nancy Grasmick

2020 Volunteer awards

MCGATE participates in the The President's Volunteer Service Awards. The President's Volunteer Service Award is an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and is administered by Points of Light. Congratulations to our volunteers and thank you for your service and dedication. (Pictured left: Keri Guilbault, Ed.D., Gold Award.)

Keri Guilbault, Ed.D., Gold

Jeanne Paynter, Ed.D., Silver

Ainsley Tetreault, Silver

Nicole Acle, Bronze

Rebecca McClure, Bronze

2019 Volunteer awards

Congratulations! Yvonne Golczewski, Immediate Past-President who received the Bronze award in January 2019.